Plastic Reborn

Plastic Reborn

Besides making paintings I have been concerned about environmental problems for a long time. Especially plastic litter, I have been thinking a lot about solutions on how to make art from this.

After a lot of experimenting and research into plastics we found way’s to make beautiful sculptures from recycled plastic. I actually found a way to get super cool effects by blending these plastics together!

 Although there is still a lot to learn we already found solutions and made beautiful art from it. In this picture you can see “Rainbow Crucifix” made mainly out of bottle lids and shampoo bottles from HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic.

To be able to use any kind of litter as material for art we are still experimenting every day. But for now we just use HDPE.

If you want to take part in this project you can help us by collecting your plastic and trade it with discount on my art!

For now you can only get your discount for HDPE Plastic but in the future this will change. And one day we hope to have a solution for every kind of litter.

For now here is the discount you can collect by saving your HDPE.

For 100 grams of HDPE I will give €1,- Discount

For one kilo of HDPE I will give €10,- Discount

For 10 Kilo of HDPE I will give €100,- Discount

You can get up to 30% discount for art up to €200,-.

Merchandise like one postcard, a set of 10 postcards or the “New light book” are completely tradable for HDPE plastic.

The amount of discount will probably change in the future depending on how much we can eventually do with your trash plastic. But for now this is where I can trade your plastic with.